SEC Top 20 Impact Freshmen - #13 - Josh Malone - WR - Tennessee

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Josh Malone was one of the biggest gets for any SEC team this season.  As a matter of fact there were many SEC teams battling for Malone and at the end it came down to Tennessee and UGA and Malone chose to stay in state and play for the Vols.  He is exactly the type of commitment that the Vols needed to add as they try to put more weapons on the field for their offense to be able to make big plays.  Last season the Vols had issues because teams were able to focus in on true freshmen Marquez North and if they took him away the Vols didn't have anyone else to stretch the field vertically.  This season Malone will give the Vols another weapon the perimeter.

Malone is one of the most polished receivers I have seen coming from HS to college since A.J. Green.  He may not have quite the level of A.J.'s athleticism but in terms of skill set and preparedness for playing on the SEC level he appears very ready.  He has great hands, runs good routes, has incredible body control and a natural feel for the game.  He has the looks of a young man that will come in and impact the game immediately.  Teams will focus on Marquez North early in the season and make the freshmen prove it but they will pay early and often - Malone is just that talented.

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