The Return of Kiffin

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It is very odd the way things work. After Lane Kiffin came into the SEC and ruffled the feathers of head coaches across the SEC he snuck out of Knoxville like Bobby Petrino snuck out on the Falcons. It was one of the most immature, shady and flat our unprofessional coaching moves of all time. Kiffin headed to west coast to coach the Trojans of Southern Cal and even that may not have been far enough away from Knoxville.

Vol fans had to suffer through the Dooley years but at the same time found a little solace in the fact that Lane Kiffin was struggling so mightily at Southern Cal. Now only five years later after his departure from Knoxville the once “golden boy” is coming back to Neyland Stadium as offensive coordinator of the Crimson Tide. Sure, Vol fans will boo him but the bigger statement would be to simply ignore him and make the stadium shake when Butch Jones is announced over the PA system as the Volunteers head coach.

Why? Because Lane Kiffin is insignificant. In the grand scheme of things what does he really matter? He doesn't. The Vols future is much brighter with Butch Jones running things because he is truly committed to the Vols and he will build the program the right way – brick by brick!

Kiffin will be gone from Tuscaloosa sooner than later off in the search of greener pastures as a head coach and will long be forgotten as he will only be just another journeyman coach that only lasted a year in Knoxville.

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Kiffin is a joke and you are dead on here. He shouldn't even be acknowledged!

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