Top 10 SEC True Freshmen of 2014

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#1 – Derek Barnett – DE – Tennessee Volunteers

72 Tackles – 20.5 TFL – 10 Sacks
Barnett was not the most hyped of the true freshmen coming into the SEC this season but he was a monster at the defensive end position and the future is incredibly bright.

#2 – Nick Chubb – RB – Georgia Bulldogs

219 Carries – 1547 Yards – 14 TD's / 18 Catches – 213 Yards – 2 TD's
This was not the season Chubb was supposed to emerge but the injury and suspension to Todd Gurley, Chubb exploded and was the best RB in the SEC this season.

#3 – Cam Robinson – OT – Alabama Crimson Tide

14 Starts at Left Tackle
It is incredibly rare that a LT can come into the SEC and start immediately and Cam was able to do that and he looked really good.

#4 – Myles Garrett – DE/OLB – Texas A&M

53 Tackles – 14 TFL – 11.5 Sacks
Garrett got off to an incredible start to the season but due to the lack of talent around him teams focused on him to slow his production that does not take away from his freakish talent.

#5 – Leonard Fournette – RB – LSU Tigers

187 Carries – 1034 Yards – 10 TD's / 7 Catches – 127 Yards
The most hyped HS running back in many years was never going to live up to the expectations set but he was still incredibly impressive.

#6 – Jamal Adams – DB – LSU Tigers

66 Tackles – 5 TFL – 1 Sack – 5 PBU's
Adams came into a talented LSU secondary and was all over the field making plays in the passing game and in the run game.

#7 – Lorenzo Carter – OLB – Georgia Bulldogs

41 Tackles – 7 TFL – 4.5 Sacks – 15 QBH
Carter was supposed to spend most of the season behind Jordan Jenkins and Leonard Floyd but Floyd's shoulder injury opened up more playing time and Carter took advantage.

#8 – Jalen Hurd – RB – Tennessee Volunteers

190 Carries – 899 Yards – 5 TD's / 35 Catches – 221 Yards – 2 TD's
Hurd was another hyped RB coming into the SEC and he had a nice season behind an offensive line that was downright awful at times.

#9 – Marquis Hayes – DE – Ole Miss Rebels

31 Tackles – 9 TFL – 7.5 Sacks – 8 QBH
The undersized pass rushing specialist did his job this season – he got after the QB early and often and was a terror for opposing offensive tackles.

#10 – Jalen Tabor – CB – Florida Gators

31 Tackles – 4 TFL – 2 Sacks – 8.5 PBU – 1 INTTabor is the next great Florida cornerback as he has the combination of size, speed and confidence to be elite sooner than later.

Derek Barnett photo DerekBarnett_zpsfef35336.jpg

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